Howdy „Bob“ Dread, singer, songwriter,and rhythm guitar player started assembling his Band, Kinky Slinky in 1997.
“We played our first gig at a place called “The Mill”, in Oklahoma City, June 8th ,1997,” he says.
Bob says his”musical influences range from one end of the spectrum to the infinity of enigma. Bob surrounds himself whith only the best musicians of diverse backgrounds and varyos styles of music – the result is an ecletic mix of Pop Rock ,Latin Beats, Funk and Reggae.

Bob ‘s best description of his type of music is ‘DREADROCK’.

Originals and cover arrangements favor reggae grooves, combined with unique and unexpected sounds of trombone and conch shell (i head never heard a conch shell played before).”If you listen to the drum,reggae beat itself, it’s very close to Bluegrass”, says Bob.

Under his direction and unique vision, his band produces a distinctive sound that keeps listeners coming back for more. As Bob says ,”I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I just want to make it squeak my way.

Bob has enjoyed growing succes each year. “A year ago we were picked up by the Jimmy Buffet Tribute Show and toured the east coast, “Bob says. He has few local gigs scheduled for the next couple of mounths, apart from his gig at the Bob Marley Festival, June 30th through July 1st. He and his band are going to Europe on a cruise for a month and a half,touring the Bob has already produced 3 CDs, the last CD, ‘THE BEST OF KINKY SLINKY’ was recordet live at KISS FM’s annual, Jack and Ron’s Picnic.

The second cut on the CD is “Marvelous Time”, is a song written about his first Show at ‘The Mill’ .

Cut number 3, his funked-up rendition of Frank Zappa’s “Bobby Brown“, with the Chorus from „Ring my Bell” is awesome. “Down The Road”, one of his fan’s favorites, is also available Youtube. Original cut number 6, “Kitty” is my personal favorite.

“The first song I wrote, was about the bombing,but I never played it,” Bob says. My daugther was 6, and in dealig with that, we sat down and wrote a little song about it. “There were several quotable lines that I put to music.

He has never played it but says, “There are several bands who actually play that song. I’ve written about 35 songs and we do about 20 of them”, says Bob about his song writing.

Bob is the proud father of two talented children and also has three Grandchildren. For the longest time my son was embarrassed about me playing in a band, while my daughter gave me the idea for the name „Kinky Slinky” Bob says.

Bob grew up in Austria and has been playing in bands since his early teens. As a summer camp counselor, he found his way to music therapy, which still involves him Todayx on many different leves.

Some of his first performances were in the mountains in the Austrian Alps with his father. “I would yodel and clown around doing that,” Bob says.

After his tenure in Hotel and Restaurantmanagement, in Austria, Bob spent nearly 3 years working on a cruise shipwhere he met his American wife. They settled in Miami for a few months, and then moved to the Bahamas for a year where he and his wife lived in Bob Marley’s house, right next to Compass Point Studios

« In the clubs there is a more of an uninhibited atmosphere. I’ve learned being “on the edge” is very attractive to People, they don’t go there themselves, so they like to be taken there,”»
– Bob

He spend nearly 20 years working in the corporate world, pursuing a career in culinary arts. When he moved to Oklahoma City in 1986, he went to work for the Marriott Hotel, moved to Lake Tahoe for a couple of years where he was Special Events Director at Harrah’s, then back to Oklahoma City where he worked at the Eagles Nest, the Waterford and at Remington Park, as Assistent Food and Beverage Director in 1997 when, with his young dauther’s encourangement, he gave up his career and started concetrating on his first love,music.

Band members over the Years include, Nathaniel Medlam,Todd Balcom, Greg Zink, Don Hecker, Tony and Nancy Pachecco, David Short, Marco Tello, Jason Tillis, Speedy West, Bob Moore, and many more…

“We play music, that’s dance-able and fun. For the most part we try to make it an experience, and that’s the kinky part of slinky. We’re not a prude band, sexual innuendos and double meanings fly around all the time, but we tone it down some when we perform an all ages consert.

In the clubs there is a more of an uninhibited atmosphere. I’ve learned being “on the edge” is very attractive to People, they don’t go there themselves, so they like to be taken there,” Bob said.

In 2017, KiNKY SLiNKY will be playing at local clubs, City events, summer Festivals. For a lively good time with an edge we hope you catch Kinky Slinky Music near your hometown…